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My name is Thomas Mathews, I love to code and currently work as a Web Developer.

I try to keep the site up to date with current projects I'm working on, most blog posts will be write-ups on features I've added to Source.

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Web Development

I have been programming for the web for a long time ever since I decided to play around with PHP login systems and Habbo Hotel content managment systems. New technology in the web has always been interesting to me and sparked interest in using Node.js for web applications and WebGL for games on the web.


New Website

A blog and portfolio for myself, designed by Jack Lumsden and built in Node JS using Mongo DB, Jade and SASS.

Server Dashboard

Dashboard for my home server built using Node JS, Vue, Pug, Express and SASS for displaying server information such as temperatures, fan speeds and HDD health information.

IP security camera upgrade

I was previously using zoneminder for the security camera but not only was it old but it was a resource hog and took forever to start up. It also streamed using MJPEG which is an older way of streaming and stored videos as a series of images so I found a replacement called Shinobi that was also free and open source.

Website 2.0

I realised that my site is a bit over complicated with what I wanted it to be, I'm working on a new version of the site that uses React, GraphQL, Apollo and Node that should be straight to the point in terms of projects and blog posts.


Most Recent Blog Post

I always think I've reached the limits of the Source engine but I think I'm just not giving the engine enough credit, for Resurgence we keep messing around with the UI and one day I had an idea for using the HTML control for it which will allow it to be prototyped faster and allow non-programmers to provide a proper representation instead of an image.

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