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My name is Thomas Mathews also known as Tingtom. I love to code and currently work as a Web Developer, my favourite language is C++!

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Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to know how things worked, one day while on my computer I decided to understand how an application in Windows worked which sparked my interest in programming. I began learning about applications people made using VB and decided to learn from examples. My first application was a "web browser" using the default web browser control that had some new buttons for foward, back, home and refresh!


Custom "Smart" LED Strip

LED strip controlled by a ESP8266 board for Wifi connectivity, currently used behind my TV and integrated with Plex for colour changing.


Most Recent Blog Post

A request while working on Resurgence was to add brush ladders which are a simpler implementation that don't use dismount points but instead fling you off the ladder at the top or bottom.

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