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My name is Thomas Mathews, I love to code and currently work as a Web Developer.

I try to keep the site up to date with current projects I'm working on, most blog posts will be write-ups on features I've added to Source.

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Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to know how things worked, one day while on my computer I decided to understand how an application in Windows worked which sparked my interest in programming. I began learning about applications people made using VB and decided to learn from examples. My first application was a "web browser" using the default web browser control that had some new buttons for foward, back, home and refresh!


Custom "Smart" LED Strip

LED strip controlled by a ESP8266 board for Wifi connectivity, currently used behind my TV and integrated with Plex for colour changing.

IP security camera

I recently picked up a IP camera during the black friday deals so I could install it outside my garage, the camera is only 720p but it's waterproof and has auto switching night vision which is pretty cool. I've been running something called "zoneminder" on a docker container on my server and it's been doing pretty good although the web UI is quiet outdated so I've been working on redoing the PHP frontend using Foundation and Font Awesome.


Most Recent Blog Post

I always think I've reached the limits of the Source engine but I think I'm just not giving the engine enough credit, for Resurgence we keep messing around with the UI and one day I had an idea for using the HTML control for it which will allow it to be prototyped faster and allow non-programmers to provide a proper representation instead of an image.

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