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My name is Thomas Mathews also known as Tingtom. I love to code and currently work as a Web Developer, my favourite language is C++!

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Game Development

Other than mods I work on other games either built in a game engine such as Unity or built from scratch. Usually I begin a game from an idea that I have or to learn about something I have never used before.



"Test" is a multiplayer game built with WebGL (Pixi 2d) and Node.js inspired by a game I made using SFML and Box2d. It is a space game where you fly a ship between "sectors" that are individual solar systems.

Unnamed (Jack's game)

An unnamed project that I am programming with Jack Lumsden that is named under "Jack's game", the game is built in Unity and is a multiplayer arena game with moba-like features.


Most Recent Blog Post

A quick snippet of code for the ambient_generic entity that will fire an output event when the sound has finished.

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