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My name is Thomas Mathews also known as Tingtom. I love to code and currently work as a Web Developer, my favourite language is C++!

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Game Development

Other than mods I work on other games either built in a game engine such as Unity or built from scratch. Usually I begin a game from an idea that I have or to learn about something I have never used before.



"Test" is a multiplayer game built with WebGL (Pixi 2d) and Node.js inspired by a game I made using SFML and Box2d. It is a space game where you fly a ship between "sectors" that are individual solar systems.

Unnamed (Jack's game)

An unnamed project that I am programming with Jack Lumsden that is named under "Jack's game", the game is built in Unity and is a multiplayer arena game with moba-like features.


Most Recent Blog Post

Back when I worked on Zombie Survival I got bored one day and seeked out how to implement and use the Physgun that everyone saw in the HL2 beta trailer, this code was leaked back when HL2 was coming out and never ended up in the final game.

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