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My name is Thomas Mathews, I love to code and currently work as a Web Developer.

I try to keep the site up to date with current projects I'm working on, most blog posts will be write-ups on features I've added to Source.

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Looping sprint sounds (1/2)

I have added two sprint loops to HL2 mods and both were done in slightly different ways, a sprint loop is a sound that plays over and over again while the player is sprinting and adds a "realistic" sound to go with the sprint key instead of something like the HL2 whoosh sound when you press the key.

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What is Resurgence?

Resurgence is a full conversion HL2 mod by Jacol which was started before I joined but required some customisation such as custom UI, a weapon skin system and other additions so since Jacol helped with Aftermath I accepted his offer to join and began working on Resurgence.

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What is Aftermath? (1/2)

What is Aftermath? Aftermath is a Source SDK mod created and started by me for learning the Source engine and for fun. The mod was inspired from the infamous "zombies" mode in Black Ops after having a lot of fun playing it with friends, the original idea was to fully replicate the mode as much as possible with sounds and models from the game.

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How is the website built?

This website is built on the "newest" technologies which are Node, SASS, Jade and Mongo DB for learning purposes. It was being built last year but has changed from a custom build to an integrated CMS and now has a better design by Jack Lumsden.

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