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My name is Thomas Mathews also known as Tingtom. I love to code and currently work as a Web Developer, my favourite language is C++!

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Source SDK - Enabling brush ladders

A request while working on Resurgence was to add brush ladders which are a simpler implementation that don't use dismount points but instead fling you off the ladder at the top or bottom.

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What is Aftermath? (2/2)

A look into the features I added to Aftermath, why I wanted them and how I implemented some of them.

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Source SDK - ambient_generic OnEnd event

A quick snippet of code for the ambient_generic entity that will fire an output event when the sound has finished.

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Physgun weapon

Back when I worked on Zombie Survival I got bored one day and seeked out how to implement and use the Physgun that everyone saw in the HL2 beta trailer, this code was leaked back when HL2 was coming out and never ended up in the final game.

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World Hints

World hints are snippets of information in the level that help the user navigate or progress through the game. The one's I added to Resurgence used a specific font and had three sizes, they where placed in the level using a hammer entity and always faced the player.

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Looping sprint sounds (1/2)

I have added two sprint loops to HL2 mods and both were done in slightly different ways, a sprint loop is a sound that plays over and over again while the player is sprinting and adds a "realistic" sound to go with the sprint key instead of something like the HL2 whoosh sound when you press the key.

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